turn the needle of my heart

I'm really not going to make an attempt at a Hijikata FST or anything because I would feel incredibly silly trying to relate Beyonce to the relationship between Hijikata and mayonnaise or whatever. (Though considering this is Gintama and all, I guess that wouldn't be incredibly weird.) However, because I'm a person who has a tendency to associate OP/ED songs with specific arcs (especially since most songs are played in full with a ~beautiful montage~ at the end of a Gintama arc!), I think that these songs are worth sharing. And okay, maybe one day there will be a couple of other songs I find fitting.

Gintama openings and endings

01. Hearts Grow - Kasanaru Kage
Gintama's 4th opening, used during the Mitsuba Arc.

Put down the load you're carrying
And seek out a new you
I'm always here, and this hand isn't the only one

02. KELUN - Signal [ + acoustic version ]
Gintama's 7th ending, used during the Mitsuba Arc.

Crossing over the sunny sky, the colors of the heart become clear
Even though you're crying within, you smile softly
Although it's embarrassing to say it like this; you are my heart itself

03. DOES - Donten
Gintama's 5th opening, used during the Discord Arc.

On the path of cloudy weather, aimlessly swinging back and forth
The two of us are walking like foot soldiers
A timid heart is a disadvantage to someone who likes danger

04. POSSIBILITY - Sanagi
Gintama's 9th ending, used during the Discord Arc.

Even on rainy days, even when there's lightning,
Even on days when we want to run away
We'll flap our wings, strike light through the cloudy skies

05. Base Ball Bear - Stairway Generation
Gintama's 7th opening, used during the Otsuu Tournament Arc.

Will my loneliness be blown away?
The wall I built up around my heart
is so high that I can't understand it

06. ONE*DRAFT - Wonderful Days
Gintama's 15th ending, used during the Otsuu Tournament Arc.

There's a path ahead that's yet to be seen,
Even if it's something common
I know I've gotta aim for the top one more time

Gintama Original Soundtrack

01. Mayonnaise Kitchen
This cute little jingle is used in Episode 50, during Hijikata's cooking show idea for Gintama's new season, entitled "Gintama World Cooking". I believe it also later informs the Mayonnaise theme song in general, as the commercial jingle Mayorin sings in Episode 185 is the same as this one.
I should also mention that if you enjoy any of the music here, you should either pick up the album Gintama BEST, or support these fabulous, individual artists by purchasing their music!