the mayora union

An all-mighty condiment that goes on everything and anything!

So if you ask me, a fansite isn't a fansite unless it's got stuff that fansites back in the early 2000's had. That includes a "why (insert character here)?" section, a captain-obvious appearance section, a name analysis by kabalarians, and some adoptables you stole from super nintendo game sprites. Except these aren't stolen, and I guess nobody really cares about adoptables anymore...? Anyway.

For the mayora inside of you, this fansite offers you some pixelated mayonnaise goodness. Not nearly as delicious, but equally cute. You can choose from one of the varying levels of disturbing below (or heck, you can use them all!), and if you link them back to this site with the following code, you might get some other people on the mayonnaise bandwagon as well:
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="IMG URL HERE" border="0"></a>

Put them wherever you want! On your domain, on your adoptions page, on your livejournal, on your Lelouch Lamperouge shrine--the power is yours. Just please don't claim that you made them yourself. I mean, I'm not gonna stop you, but do you really want a guilty conscience? Whatever you do, spread the love, mayo!