hijikata toshirou

soldier of love, mayora 13.

A (not so) brief introduction to Hijikata: from his birth at pencil tip to his development as a full-fledged mayonnaise addict in Gintama's ever-changing world. Man, demon, tobacco addict, or simply just another one of Sorachi's comical misfits riding on the coattails of a historical figures' popularity?

. oni fukuchou A quick rundown on the Shinsengumi's demonic vice-commander.
. silver soul A summary on Gintama (at least, if a summary is even possible).
. rough drafts Before the days of dilated pupils, there was...!!
. mayora 13 A man and his mayonnaise.
. costume The stereotypical "appearance" section... times 400.
. moeyo ken A brief history on the historical Hijikata Toshizo.
. voice reel The voice of swordsmen, Nakai Kazuya.
. popularity poll Hijikata's standings in various character rankings.