about gradation

a tale more touching than alien vs. yakuza!

This fansite kind of came around the corner when I realized shinkirou.net was severely lacking in the "content" department despite how much I was paying for it every year. (Yeah, you gotta love that money thing!) Truth be told, I've had fansites for fictional characters in the past, but that was centuries ago when I was merely a greenhorn and you know, much much more immature. I realize that me saying this means little when I laugh the hardest at the poop jokes in Gintama, okay, moving on.

However, my interest in manga came back in full swing a few years ago when I (literally) randomly picked up Gintama off of a table and fell in love. It was almost like a complete mockery of everything I'd ever known and adored-- and I completely loved it. Diving into hundreds of chapters and episodes, Gintama was just pretty much everything rolled into one: it parodies Dragon Ball Z, it pokes fun at Oguri Shun, it sometimes get tissue-box serious and has me between tears and laughter. It is also conveniently episodic for someone as busy as I am, so I can watch an episode, get busy with schoolwork for a month, and come back a month later without being confused! It seemed natural for me to be able to formulate a fansite for a manga that is a good enough balance of ridiculous and serious that I feel comfortable with it.

That being said, the fansite was largely based on my love of Gintama and wanting to devote my time towards something on it: but the entire series just seemed way too massive an undertaking for someone who has as little time as me. (Even Toshi alone still feels like too massive of an undertaking!) So even though it's damn hard to pick a favorite in Gintama, and any true Gintama fan will tell you the same, Hijikata has always been one of my favorites, and I think he's become even moreso after working on this. He's a smoking, mayonnaise eating workaholic who threatens seppuku to anyone who so much as thinks about breaking a rule, but he's also a hardass simply for the love of the comrades he cares so dearly about. (I will also partly blame it on the fact that I am partial to Nakai Kazuya as a voice actor.) Toshi also makes a hilariously adorable 2D-otaku, and an even better looking bedsheet! That I don't own by the way. Promise.

yeah, that title thing that i'm bad at.

All that disgusting babble aside, the site has been in the works since August 5, 2009 and was officially opened much later on January 24, 2009. It's been hosted at my network, shinkirou.net since it's birth! The title sort of stems from my love for music, and my interest in aiming to name all my fansites after musical terms: Gradation being the overlapping of two sounds, like the overlapping of Toshi's multiple sides of himself. But bawwww, let's not get cheesy about it! Let's get mayonnaise about it instead!