Explaining a joke just ruins it, you know!

Because Gintama itself is full of references, it only seems natural that I did a depressing amount of research in some sections. To give credit where credit is due, I wanted to put up a credits section!


I quoted a lot from the manga and anime, most of which are either done by Rumbel Subs / CrunchyRoll (the anime) or Maximum 7 (the manga). Gintama is also licensed by VIZ in the states, but I owe a lot to the subbers and scanlators who work on this series since that's primarily where I've been getting my Gintama from for the past years. :) I also used a lot of scanlations/screencaps for section images, so thanks!


Here's a list of links that I sourced writing up my information. I tried to include all these links in their complimentary sections as well.

. gintama wiki To save me from re-reading the whole damn thing!
. kewpie mayonnaise Japan's #1 mayonnaise.
. mayonnaise kitchen Mayora paradise on Earth.
. shinsengumi no... Excellent source on the historical Shinsengumi.
. manga helpers For the high quality scans of raw manga!
. wikipedia Killer of fansites, and my secondary source to all of the above.