a little game of captain obvious.

Sure sure, most fansites in the past, and even today, stereotypically have a section dedicated to a character's appearance. And while I could easily pass this section up (since I think it's pretty obvious what Hijikata looks like just based on a picture), Gintama's given me too many opportunites to take this to the next level. Thanks to the flexible nature of Gintama's (lack of) plot, as well as Hijikata's multi-faceted character, Hijikata himself has a pretty extensive wardrobe. To start off with the blatantly obvious:

Hijikata and The Shinsengumi Uniform

Hijikata's appearance itself is pretty standard: he has short black hair and blue eyes. His only real "notable" phsysical trait (mentioned by a few of the characters earlier in the series) is that his pupils look as if they're constantly dilated. His Shinsengumi uniform is pretty much his default and most recognizable attire, and is standard dress for all the members. Though it's colored with silver trim in the manga, the anime features the costume as black with gold trim. Because Hijikata, Kondo and Okita's uniforms are different than the rest of the Shinsengumi, we can assume that the style theirs are in are for higher ranking members. Each uniform comes with black pants, a vest, and a jacket along with a white dress shirt and cravat. Hijikata can occasionally be seen without his jacket on, and unfortunately for his fellow Shinsengumi members, a few of them have also been seen without pants too.
There are a few other items of note that can be counted as accessories to Hijikata's dress. He is rarely seen without a cigarette between his fingers or dangling from his mouth. If he's eating, you'll be hard pressed to find him without the Hijikata Special sliding down his throat. So when it comes to accessorizing, I suppose it's a matter of combining your two obsessions into one, but Hijikata also sports a lighter shaped like a bottle of kewpie mayonnaise. Nothing like lighting your beloved drugs with a lighter in the shape of your beloved condiment!

Day Off Attire

Though days off are few and far between, even Hijikata takes a vacation once and awhile. During his days off, Hijikata can be seen wearing a plain navy yukata. These are accessorized with a simple pair of sandals, and of course any mayonnaise or tobacco addictions needed to get one through the day. Hijikata wearing this outfit also seems to be a pretty good indication that he'll be running into Gintoki at some point, as the two commonly bump into each other during his days off work.

Young Hijikata

During the time when Mitsuba comes to town, there are quite a few flashbacks to scenes of the Shinsengumi membes when they were younger. Hijikata is featured as what we can guess is probably teenager-age (Okita is a child). He sports much longer hair which is pulled back into a ponytail, and is seen wearing a regular blue yukata, probably worn for the ease of training at Kondo's dojo where they all spent time together.

Mayonnaise Prince

In order to fend off the growing crush that Kuriko has on Hijikata, the Yorozuya decide that the best plan of action is to expose Hijikata's absolute worst character traits. One of these is of course, his love of mayonnaise: as a last resort, he dresses as the prince from the planet Mayo Maniac. One could say that it's rather stylish: a yellowish, round, mayonnaise-bottle suit with a crown on the top, and even cute white tights to boot.

Though it didn't necessarily stop the crush she managed to develop on him, it gave him a good form of escape as the prince would die if he stood on Earth for too long. During Gintoki's explanation of why Hijikata could use his help getting rid of Kuriko, a series of scenes featured poodle-walking Toshi, overweight workaholic husband Toshi, as well as father of three kids Toshi.


Hijikata's otaku half is one of the most memorable versions of Hijikata--even enough to earn him a place on Gintama's Character Ranking. Affectionally identified as "Tosshi", he sports a ripped denim vest, red shirt, matching red headband, black pants and some sweet shades. In addition to this, he carries the cursed sword Muramasha (which brings out this personality in the first place) on his back and commonly stands with one hand resting on his arm. This style and pose would later be adopted by a herd of otaku, as well as the rest of the Shinsengumi when Hijikata works to overcome Tosshi's existence.

Driver Toshi

Hijikata as a Philips Screwdriver--and definitely not by choice. During the Screwdriver Arc, almost the entire main cast of Gintama is abducted by aliens overnight and end up as a variety of screwdrivers, flatheads and tools of other varieties. Hijikata claims that his situation is not as bad as Gintoki's (whose Gin Jr. is turned into a screwdriver), but Gintoki retorts that Hijikata is far worse off with a screwdriver for a body, which includes all of his body parts, as well as his crotch.

General Tosshi

Hijikata as Tosshi, his otaku counterpart. Here's a depiction of him during the Terakado Tsuu Fanclub Sengoku Jidai. It was said that this fearsome warrior led a number of Terakado Tsuu Shineitai deserters in his own faction named the Tsusengumi, and with his understanding of the heart of the otaku and his soft-line method, he was able to create a force large enough to compete with even the strongest and most loyal of Otsuu's veteran fanbase.

In nothing but a towel!?

There's really no excuse for this, I really just wanted to put up an embarassing picture of Hijikata in nothing but a tiny orange towel. Gintoki is an added bonus.