oh could it be... oogushi-kun?

Do you still have that goldfish of yours?

Hello and welcome to Gradation, a humble little fansite for the demonic vice-commander Hijikata Toshirou of Gintama-- a manga (and anime) lovingly slaved over with blood, sweat and tears by Sorachi Hideaki. Here you'll find lots of essays (serious business and not-so serious business), as well as a little bit of media pertaining to Gintama's #1 mayonnaise fanatic and tobacco addict! If you're interested in browsing the site, please refer to the navigation above. It's not going to wait there for you forever!

!! I'm fairly sure it goes without saying that this site will contain plenty of unmarked spoilers, but in case you're a little bit thick or new to this kinda stuff-- there's your warning. Don't come crying to me when you realize I've ruined one of Gintama's two episode arcs for you!

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